Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I believe that we all suffer from scars of one sort or the other. The worst is the ones you cannot see and may never receive treatment when needed. There are many types of scars, emotional, physical, internal, or mental and all equally as stressful.
Reasons for Emotional Scars

Emotional scars, often buried so deep and hidden inside a person, that it is harder to give help and repair.

  • Many things can cause emotional scars. Someone who lives through a horrific experience will suffer from emotionally scarring.

  • The loss of a loved one through traumatic circumstances can cause stress and emotionally scarring.


Rebicmel said...

Eileen, this is so true. Who had knee surgery? Wow that is a scar, kind like the one I have from cancer surgery but mine is on my stomach lol.


No that was just a flickr pic, free pic in other words. Yeh I got a beauty on stomach from histo... Just used that as an example. it the mental scars that are far worse. thanks for stopping by.

Peter Dickinson said...

I like my scars as each one brings me a memory. We tend to forget the pain but the events associated are often good. I am white....mostly I don't see my scars till I tan. There is the monkey bite, the leopard claw, the lion bite, the slipped screwdriver, the exploding coke bottle, the cut on the faraway beach, the skin cancer op. I love my scars. So many memories, people, places, events.

tipslifeandtravels said...

thanks Peter, yes I know where you are coming from that for sure