Sunday, June 8, 2008

Write Articles and Earn Money

The hardest part of writing anything is deciding what to write. You need to think about the things you have done over your lifetime. Use these experiences to draw from. With these thoughts in mind, try writing an article about a memorable happening or your personal story on how you survived a health scare.

The best part about writing anything is that you can write anywhere. Make notes in a journal or notebook whenever something pops into your mind. Never rely on your memory as it will let you down.

Writing articles

Writing articles is the quickest way to make money from writing. Magazines are always looking for new articles, from many writers from all over the world. To be honest, an article can deal with many real-life subjects, like nonfiction.

Types of Articles

Do-it-yourself. Give comprehensive, clear directions on how to crochet a doily, build a model car, knit a jumper, or paint your house. This type of article is very popular for any of the household magazines. You could compile a budget with steps on how to pay the bills and stretch your money further. With the increasing costs, we all need to find ways of coping with this extra stress in making ends meet.

Professions. The easiest way to start is to write articles on subjects that you know well. What type of profession are you involved with, explain the ins and outs of obtaining that type of position. Show them how to write a resume, what needs listing on the resume. What qualifications will the position require, before going to the interview?

Hobbies and sport interests. If you are proficient at playing bridge, write an article on the special tips and tricks you have learned while playing.


Write tips on planning and organizing a wedding. Ways for avoiding catastrophes and pitfalls. Suggest ideas on ordering and sending out the invitations, and deciding whom to invite. Hundreds of people are planning for their great day. Remember your special day and write down the things that worked and those that failed. Point out ways to prevent the same thing from happening at another wedding.
Write down all your Ideas

Make a list of anything and everything you can think of, which you have knowledge or experience. While sitting on the bus, listen to what people say. Snippets of conversation may prompt ideas.

So now, you have found a good topic. Okay, before you write anything, you need to find a market for the article. Never waste time writing something that you cannot sell. In the meantime read, read, and read all the magazines that you can find. Examine the amount of words and the types of articles the magazines accept.

To be continued. Next article will be on Researching your Markets

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jimmy said...

Hi Eileen, your blog is great full of useful informatiom in easy to read articles, thanks for sharing.....jimmy

lissie said...

Its great isn't the stuff that's easy for one person to write is really helpful for someone else! That's what got me to hubpages in the first place finding that I could write about travel and other people found it helpful or interesting: my family and friends have long got over it but the whole internet is an audience today!

प्रकाश said...

Hi Eileen
The most valuable things are not material things. It is spritual things that people value most. And you are giving Wisdom, your own experience and strength. Thanks for writing such an informative article.

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