Sunday, June 8, 2008

Learn how to earn money writing articles

This is a great way for you to meet and make new friends while sharing and learning new experiences together.

It is simple, write a small approximately 400 plus article on anything at all. I hear you so I would not know what to write about.

Suggested topics

How to make something
Healthy eating
DIY explaining how to make items
Birth of your first born
Natural medical remedies
Write reviews

In other words you can virtually write anything your heart desires. Except on porn, and gambling.

If the thought of earning a few extra dollars interests you then come and join hubpages with me.

To give you an idea I will add a couple of links to articles that I have written.

How to earn dollars writing short sentences

Where to find free Crochet patterns

Now all you have to do is go to one of these hubs and click on

Request a hub From Eileen
Then follow the prompts and carefully read the instructions.

If you have any problems then email me and I will help you out.

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Rebicmel said...

Hey this is cool. I will come back and check this out soon.